Why are streams from the wrong title found?
Sometimes the list of found streams contains links to the wrong movie or episode. This typically happens with titles that are short or common. A movie or show that has a similar title might also be incorrectly detected. A stream that is from the correct show, but an incorrect episode number, might be caused by an incorrect numbering of episodes, which sometimes occur in season packs.

There are a few thresholds in Bubbles used to determine whether a certain stream should be discarded or not. If these threshold are too high, many valid streams will not show. If the thresholds are too hold, many incorrect titles will show up. The thresholds are currently optimized to find as many valid streams as possible, but every now and then an incorrect stream slips in.

These are you options:

1. Open the context menu on a stream and go to Information. Here you can see the file name of the streams (limited to the providers maintained by Bubbles) and can decided whether or no the stream is what you are looking for.
2. If you notice many incorrect streams on a regular basis, there might be a bug and you should submit a ticket.
Last Updated: 20 Aug 2017
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