Why is scraping so slow?
Scraping can take a while, especially on slow devices such as Raspberry Pis, FireSticks, or cheap Kodi boxes. Bubbles completes many additional operations in the background and its scraping time can therefore not be compared with other similar addons. Bubbles detects foreign titles, searches for additional metadata (such as file sizes, audio info, subtitles, release, uploader, and many more), manages torrents, inspects debrid caches, filters and sorts the streams thoroughly. This process can take some time to complete, typically between 30 seconds (fast devices) and 3 minutes (slow devices).

The execution time is continuously optimized, but not much can be improved anymore. You can do the following to reduce the scraping time:

1. Use a faster device to run Bubbles.
2. Reduce the number of providers (Settings -> Providers) by disabling the ones you do not need. A few torrent providers and Alluc is often enough to find most sources.
3. Reduce the scraping time (Settings -> Scraping -> Provider Timeout). Reducing the time will be faster, but also result in less streams.
4. Enable preemptive termination (Settings -> Scraping -> Preemptive Termination), which stops the searching once enough streams according to your preferences have been found.
5. Enable failure detection (Settings -> Scraping -> Failure Detection) to automatically disable providers that take longer than usual.
6. Disable season packs (Settings -> Scraping -> Season Packs) if you do not watch episodes from packs. Note that this might reduce the number of found streams.
7. Disable foreign titles (Settings -> Scraping -> Alternative Titles) if you do not watch movies with foreign or alternative titles. Note that this might reduce the number of found streams.
Last Updated: 20 Aug 2017
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