Why are streams downloading?
If you watch torrent or usenet streams, a download often starts when playback begins. This is because the file you are trying to access is not yet available on the server of the premium service you are using (Premiumize, RealDebrid). The download is not done on your local machine, but rather on the server of the premium service. Once the download has completed on the server, the stream will start to play automatically. You are able to observe and change the downloads through the premium website or Bubbles (Tools -> Services -> Premiumize / RealDebrid -> Downloads).

There is nothing that can be done to improve this in Bubbles. These are your options:

1. Wait for the download to complete.
2. Cancel the download an try a different stream.
3. Try playing a cached file which can be streamed immediately. These streams are marked with a purple label if you are using Premiumize. With RealDebrid these cached streams are not labeled and you will have to test until you find one.
Last Updated: 20 Aug 2017
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