Why are there no cached RealDebrid links?
RealDebrid supports cached files, that is, files that are already available on RealDebrid's server and can be streamed immediately. However, RealDebrid's API does not allow the inspection of these files beforehand. You will have to pick and choose until you find a cached file from the result list.

Bubbles has contacted RealDebrid numerous times asking for this feature to be added to the public RealDebrid API (since it is technically already there). However, all the requests have been unsuccessful.

These are your options:

1. Continue picking a stream until you find a cached one. The streams at the top of the list often have a better chance of being cached.
2. Switch over to Premiumize which supports pre-playback cache inspection.
3. Spam RealDebrid with request of adding this feature to their API. Maybe if enough people nag they will implement it.
Last Updated: 20 Aug 2017
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