Why are downloads so slow?
If you started a download manually to your local machine, the slow download speed is probably due to your slow internet connection. You can test the download speeds of a few servers directly within Bubbles (Tools -> Network -> Speed Test).

If you get a download progress dialog right after initiating playback, the download is from your premium service (Premiumize, RealDebrid). This applies to torrents and usenet streams. If torrents are slow, it is mostly due to a small number of seeds and/or their slow upload speed. If no seeds can be found, the download progress might get stuck at 0% for a long period of time. Usenet downloads are slow due to a wide variety of reasons, such as usenet network problems, retention time, and slow usenet servers.

There is nothing than can be down from your or Bubbles' sides. These are your options:

1. Wait for the download to complete. This might be very long for a number of downloads.
2. Try picking a different stream, preferably one that is cached and can be played immediately.
3. Use a hoster stream that can be accessed directly.
Last Updated: 20 Aug 2017
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