What are the premium providers?
Premium providers are those that work exclusivity over a premium subscription service.

The Premiumize and RealDebrid providers allow you to find and access files that were previously added to your online account. Premiumize keeps track of all the torrents and usenet files you downloaded, whereas RealDebrid only keeps track of your torrents. If you delete these downloads from your account, Bubbles will not be able to find them anymore. Old files should be removed from your account if no longer needed. This can be achieved by deleting files manually on the website or in Bubbles. Alternatively, you can enable a setting to automatically remove watched files in Bubbles.

EasyNews provides direct access to the usenet streams via the premium provider. These streams are not added to your account like with Premiumize and RealDebrid, but are streamed directly, reducing your monthly bandwidth. Therefore, there are no files to remove from your account.
Last Updated: 20 Aug 2017
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