Bubbles provides a ticket system that can be used to submit bug reports, request features, or ask questions. Before you submit a new ticket, please go over the following checklist:

1. The ticket system is not intended for novice user help. Do not create a ticket for questions that have an answer in the FAQ or the addon's settings help, are discussed on online forums such as Reddit, or can be found using a simple Goggle search.
2. Make sure you have the latest version of Bubbles installed before proceeding. The latest version number can be found on Bubbles' homepage.
3. If any errors occur, include the exact error notification as shown in Bubbles.
4. For certain errors your Kodi log file is required. However, this is not necessary for some other bugs. Attach your log file to the ticket if you want a speedy solution to your problem.
5. If you have a feature request, make sure to clearly explain your idea.
6. Do not reply to tickets with uninformative information. For instance, if your ticket was resolved and closed, do not reply with a "Thank You", since this will reopen the ticket and cause more effort for the developers. If a ticket was closed, only reopen it if the issue was not resolved.
7. Do a spelling and grammar check before submitting a ticket. Not having English as a first language is no excuse for not putting in a bit of effort to make your message easily readable.
8. Bubbles is free. Do not expect to receive immediate replies, we are not a commercial service. If you do not adhere to the rules, your ticket may be closed without an answer.

Your ticket may immediately be closed due to one of the following reasons:

1. You did not adhere to the rules above.
2. You submitted a query that was already answered elsewhere online.
3. Your reported bug was already fixed. Wait for the next version to be released.
4. You were disrespectful, your message was not understandable, or you were marked as a spam user.

That being said, the Bubbles team believes in quality and reliability. We will always try to fix bugs as soon as possible, answer questions, and listen to any suggestions. Bubbles is free and is maintained by the developers in their own free time. If you like the addon and appreciate the support by our development team, please consider donating to help keep the project going.
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